home-cooked meals: pancit luglug

“A parent — especially a mother (yes, I am being sexist here but hey a man cannot mother as a mother) should indulge the children when they come home from college (or from their own apartments) to keep the allure of home burning. The children may be out there in the cold world, but when they think of home, they must always equate it with homecooked meals to specification, a warm bed, and mothers who will cosset and spoil them no matter how old they have become. We all want to go home. And I want my children always longing for home.”

Tinapa flakes
Fried tofu (or tokwa)
Green onions (or sang)

our dear atcheng C shared this on FB recently and i found myself nodding in agreement. every time i go back to NJ to visit my parents, they make every effort to prepare my favorite foods. i used to tell them not to bother, but they never listened. these days, i just enjoy the food and offer my thanks in hugs and kisses 😛

Hard-boiled eggs
Fried garlic
Crushed chicharon

this weekend, my mom made pata tim; i’ll post about that later. she also prepped some ingredients for pancit luglug (aka pancit palabok) but left the final “steps” for me and my dad. you’ve heard this a number of times, but cooking is a family affair at my parents’ place. so i made the sauce and cooked the noodles (a particularly challenging task). for the toppings, we had tinapa flakes (which my dad made), crushed chicharon, fried tofu, green onions, garlic chips, hard-boiled eggs and sauteed shrimp. 

the pièce de résistance: sauteed shrimp

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  1. Betis Boy says:

    heck, i'll invade someone's home just for that! 🙂 that looks like a seriously good pancit luglug! another friend posted a pancit malabon photo on fb recently and i'm still thinking about it as well, especially the squid and talaba toppings on it. maybe i'll try cooking that as well (otherwise, i can order the that you like in front of betis church and then just top it with tinapa, squid and oysters. he.he.)


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    oh, it was SERIOUSLY good. i've been disappointed by pancit luglug so many times, mostly stuff we've both from fil-am restos (i think i've mentioned those incidents on this very blog). but this one was very, very, VERY good indeed. the oil i used to saute almost a whole cup of garlic is the same oil i used for the sauce 😛


  3. Betis Boy says:

    i'm digging the shrimps most of all. (i don't like togue on pancit luglug) 🙂


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    you know, i never knew togue (bean sprouts?) was put on pancit luglug until my mom mentioned that last night, too (she said she didn't like it either that's why she didn't put any in and i responded with a very puzzled expression — “togue? in pancit luglug? weird!”)


  5. Betis Boy says:

    i guess they put it for texture (since it's sort of flavorless). i didn't like it still. i love vietnamese pho but i don't put the togue there either.


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