sisig nacho dip

i went out to dinner with friends last night and brought home some leftovers (gasp! yes, we ordered way too much), which included some sisig. do you know that some restos here top their sizzling sisig with fried eggs and mayonaisse? the one we ordered yesterday only had the mayo. i didn’t get to try it because i was busy with the sizzling chicken and lumpiang shanghai instead.

anyway, i was thinking of making a chili cheese dip for some nachos when i thought of using the sisig instead (like folks there would sometimes include minced hamburger or sausage in the dip). i topped it with a dollop of french onion dressing, which married well with the already spicy-oniony flavor of the sisig. it was a good serendipitous mix! i don’t think i want to try the sisig-mayo dish with rice anytime soon though.


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  1. claire espina says:

    Greg, I was having difficulty wrapping my head over the Asian Chicken Waldorf Salad post and now this… seriously, e ku na a-imagine ing sisig with egg, then sisig with mayonnaise… just thinking about the combination is giving me an MI.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    dude, a dollop?!?! i think you poured half a bottle of french onion dressing on the sisig, LOL! however, i do not find the sisig with mayo as weird as your asian chicken waldorf salad — only because i've had it before. there's a restaurant in san fernando (was it in the city proper or closer to the UP extension?) that serves it with the mayo … first time i heard of that i think we were sophomores in college. so, yeah, not so weird 😛


  3. Betis Boy says:

    ay wa atching cleng, aku eke pa agyung subukan itang sizzling sisig topped with mayo and egg. 😀 (but i have to try it sometime to decide based on facts. ha.ha)

    @GG, okay, okay, a dollop or two. he.he. you must be talking about sandy's for the sisig? (not really sure).


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