subway etiquette

came across this story on the wires last night. apparently, there was a fight in an NYC subway car recently over whether riders have the right to eat or not. this was caught on video (of course!), posted on youtube and has now ignited a fairly raucous debate on subway dining etiquette. FYI, eating and drinking is not allowed in the PATH trains linking NY and NJ. No such law exists — for now — for NYC subways.

i gotta admit i have eaten while on the subways. when i was still living in poughkeepsie, i used to have to take a 2-hour train down to grand central terminal and then take two more trains to get to my parents in NJ. i’d get sooo hungry and would stop by one of the shops at grand central to get a bagel or croissant — something i won’t need utensils for and won’t make a mess. i wouldn’t have what that lady in the video was having, food in an open container. subways are notorious for sudden stops and sharp curves. i wouldn’t want to spill the food — onto the floor or, worse, a fellow passenger.

i can’t imagine NYC cracking down on underground diners, though. first, there’s no way to practically enforce the law (NYPD is already facing staff cutbacks). second, for a city where everybody is always on the go, riding the subway is often the only downtime or chance you get to get something in your belly.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    unless there's a law, i will always fight for my right to eat whatever and wherever i want to. however, i will also respect the rights of others to enjoy their journey in relative peace and comfort. (it's much like smoking, i guess. you don't want others to ingest your smoke, make them uncomfortable, and harm their health).

    reminds me of a bus ride i took recently. suddenly heads were going a-turning, with more-than-twitched noses, looking for the source of a foul smell. apparently, a good lady opened her baon of fresh durian. bwahahaha.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    btw, that lady had no right to compare them to animals.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    agree with you about the woman. though i'm not sure how the “conversation” began and what had already been said. still, calling comparing somebody to animals just because they're eating in a subway car … *shaking head.


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