empanadas (or beef turnovers)

i truly miss the empanadas from the guagua and sta. rita bakeries. the pastry is flaky and has just the right sweetness. the filling is savory and quite generous. and after eating them, your lips become a little shiny because of the oil, LOL! the empanadas i’ve had here don’t hold a candle to the ones sold at la moderna and apung diung. i’m not a big fan of those sold by red ribbon. in my mom’s words, “makabaknal la (they can choke you).”

anyway, i tried to make some over the weekend, again loosely following a recipe i found in this cookbook. i say loosely because i was a little tamad (lazy) and i took some shortcuts. didn’t affect the taste … much, i think 😛 they came out quite well, if a little darker than i anticipated. next time, i think i’ll use pork or chicken for the filling.

the filling — ground beef, peas, raisins, potatoes, onion

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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow, those look really flaky. yup, i don't like the ones from red ribbon too (though sometimes i buy them when i feel like eating an empanada) and i don't want to go brave the traffic in the guagua plaza to buy some from la moderna.

    i like the pork empanadas the best. they are the most oily (hence flavorful). ha.ha.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    😀 i cheated. used prepared puff pastry sheets, LOL! one of my aunts tried to teach me and my cousins a few years back how to make empanadas, including the dough. but they never came out as flaky as i liked. i really do miss “our” empanadas. not even the ones made by hispanic bakeries here are as good.


  3. Betis Boy says:

    cheater! 😀


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