buko pie

remember when we’d have class, or maybe family, excursions to southern luzon and the car, van or bus will come home to pampanga laden with senorita bananas, pineapples, and boxes of buko pie? ha.ha.

well, i saw a nice surprise in the ref today in the form of a box of the “original” buko pie. (if i had a penny for everytime i read a sign bearing the name “original buko pie” each time i drove down south…) 😛 my personal preference is the colette’s brand (because it is on the sweet side) but since i haven’t had buko pie in a long time, the “original” is good enough. he.he.

of course buko pie is best eaten fresh from the oven, but given that wasn’t possible due to the three-hour distance from laguna to pampanga, i had to do with heating a slice in the toaster. one thing i missed while i ate this was some scoops of macapuno-buko pandan-ube combo ice cream. eating this a la mode with some dayap rind on top of the ice cream would have been the bomb!


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    ahhh, buko pie. i do miss this. you're complaining about not getting an “original” one. i'd settle for a decent piece 😛 i think the last time i had a really good buko pie was when i was lucban for the pahiyas festival. it was sometime in college 😀


  2. Betis Boy says:

    man, you haven't had buko pie in a while. ha.ha. 😀 i thought the fil-am stores would have sold these frozen/microwaveable there. i guess i was mistaken. (hey, but you went to the carribean right? they haven't stumbed into the use of coconuts in sweet pies?)


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