hello, sexy!

hep, hep, that wasn’t for you 😀 ha.ha. so my friend A told me about the smoothie-a-day health regimen that worked for another friend of hers. i figured, that wouldn’t hurt as much as walking for hours on the treadmill (yeah, i know, i still need to do that). but for my first baby step back to health, i figured why not start it with a drink? 😛

btw, this apple-banana-spinach smoothie was actually good. just like drinking a regular smoothie, only without the loads of syrup that the smoothie shops normally put. then today i made a mango-guyabanao-camote tops mix, which was also delicious. just don’t expect me to put the other yucky greens that others put in theirs — like green peppers, endives, ampalaya leaves.


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  1. claire espina says:

    Wow, this sounds so good…. nanu iya ing machine gagamitan mu?


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    so, are you on a liquid diet? or is this in place of breakfast? the spinach and banana combo (i know, there's also apple) is making me shudder, HA HA HA!


  3. Betis Boy says:

    atchi, bought a Philips blender, in the mid-range price (as far as the choices in the appliance store are concerned). but it has a pretty good ten-speed motor, the veggies and fruits really get finely cut.


  4. Betis Boy says:

    GG, believe me, the spinach is almost non-existent (except for the big bright green color). he.he. no, it's not breakfast replacement, though it's what you drink first thing in the morning. (me, on a liquid diet? i'd rather die first). 😛


  5. diane says:

    try adding some celery


  6. Betis Boy says:

    thanks, diane, will try tha too. i heard they're good with pears.


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