century eggs and carbohydrates

you know how much i like century eggs right? so i had to order this as an appetizer before we had the peking duck. these were immersed in some soy-vinegar sauce with minced ginger. i’m not a fan of ginger (except in tinola), but this combo worked really well. it’s funny but i always have to order some century egg everytime i’m in a chinese resto, whether upscale or low-end. in fact, the counter lady in “goto king” (and before in “chowking” until they stopped offering century eggs) always knows i’ll order this with my goto. (ain’t it weird the food servers in the mall know me by face? ha.ha.). and it’s always better with some seaweeds.

well, if you really wanted to see the rice crepes that we rolled the peking duck in, here they are. we didn’t get to finish them (they were good) because we zeroed in on the rice. it’s weird because in our three days there we only ate rice once (and on the last day at that). we ate mostly noodles and bread.

this had loads of msg in it. my friend got hit hard in the head with the woozy feeling after we ate this. one taste of how “flavorful” this was and you knew it had msg. ha.ha. either that, or they used duck fat to fry this in. 🙂


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    yeah, i think you've mentioned your love of century eggs once or twice 😉 i mustn't have had good century eggs, though. i really don't get the appeal. and no i don't find it weird that food servers know you. all the chefs, servers and busboys at my favorite sushi bar in poughkeepsie used to know my name 😛 actually, some of them still do even though i don't see them for months at a time.

    didn't you get hit hard with MSG the other time you went for chinese food as well? most places around here advertise “no MSG” so i haven't had a good taste of our childhood staple ajinomoto in a while 😀


  2. Betis Boy says:

    yup. i told her about my msg experience too, which totally ruined the meal. good thing i didn't get it this time (which i think is a bad thing, that means my system has adapted to it).


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