ube (ulit)

i know we’ve done a lot of blogs about everything ube — kalame, ice cream, and yes, cake. in fact, you previously posted about an ube-macapuno roll you got from red ribbon. this one is from goldilocks. i prefer this brand over red ribbon. maybe because this was what i was fed most of the time, and if only for their caramel popcorn, i’m forever loyal 🙂


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    oh, i wish there was a goldilocks nearby. i do prefer its pastries, too. like you said, it was what we got fed most of the time as kids. but we only have red ribbon on the east coast (i think). they're OK. i remember the mango chiffon cake i brought to my old office was a hit 😀

    you know, my friend E was just talking about ube ice cream yesterday. she wanted to buy some. too bad those are not sold in pints here. a gallon, even a half-gallon is a bit too much.


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