chili beef noodle soup

i’ve told you it’s weird that we ate only rice in beijing on the last day of our trip. i would have expected to eat rice everyday, being in an asian country, but for one reason or another we ate mostly bread and noodles instead. this was one of them — a chili beef noodle dish for me (and a delicious mushroom noodle soup for my friend, which unfortunately i didn’t get to photograph).

this noodle dish had a rich flavor from both the tender beef and the dried chilis. the noodles were also freshly made, so they had a very good bite to them, similar to the texture of japanese soba noodles. i didn’t get to finish this bowl, which tells you how heavy the noodles were, and how generous the serving was.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i like spicy food, but that chili in that photo is scaring me 😛 the soup looks really flavorful and wow, fresh noodles. looks like they don't skimp on the beef either.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    my friend tried one noodle only (without the soup) and thought that it was real spicy (it was) 🙂 they had an interesting sauce to go with this — instead of patis or toyo, they had a vinegary kind of sauce (like ilocos vinegar, or balsamic vinegar) that cuts through the richness and the spice. makes sense to me.


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