The mercury is rising. and while we’re not in a heat wave yet, the temps are high enough to make you sweat even when you’re not moving. So I made some of my favorite Filipino beverages. I’ve been making iced tea but last week i decided to try my hand at making sago and gulaman and ginilu (pictured at left).

I’m sure you’re familiar with sago. Both of us grew up drinking it from plastic bags full of ice with a straw stuck in it. But do you know what ginilu is? It’s coconut milk, water, sugar and gulaman. I’ve scoured the internet to see whether other parts of the country also had this drink but haven’t found any evidence. We usually had it during the Lenten season. It was served to devotees along with the watered-down pineapple juice.

This last thirst-quencher is courtesy of San Miguel. I saw this non-alcoholic pineapple beverage at the Fil-Am store and was intrigued. I think we were in college when Cali Shandy came out. Before that we enjoyed shandy in pitchers at Shakey’s (not exactly hard drinkers, were we?).


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. one look at that ginilu and good friday came to mind. ha.ha. we usually had that with suman. there's also a commercial version sold on the streetsbut they use milk (sort of) instead of coconut milk. (btw, did you use canned coconut milk? did it taste the same?). i love drinking ginilu but my tummy does not agree with it. so it's good it's seasonal fare here. sago't gulaman i can have everyday though.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    ginilu with milk? weird. it has to be coconut milk. and yeah, i had to use canned coconut milk. syempre mas manyaman nung fresh but it was still OK. the canned stuff is a lot better these days 😀 good thing my tummy agrees with coconut 😛

    my problem with the sago i made is that i couldn't make it as chewy as the ones back home 😦


  3. Betis Boy says:

    i guess you should undercook it, so the core remains starchy and chewy. (i don't like chewy sago thougy, though i like chewy nata de coco).


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    unfortunately, i don't think undercooking it works. the core doesn't get chewy, just … uncooked 😛 maybe i should find the sago pearls they use in bubble teas those are a little bigger than our sago.


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