hello from rhode island

the breakers in rhode island

am on a road trip with a couple of the (capampangan) girls. we decided to take a tour of the newport mansions. these are the summer cottages of the truly rich. thursday afternoon, we visited “the breakers,” the rhode island vacation house of the vanderbilts. the family led the new york/newport society during the so-called “gilded age.” i’m quite familiar with their other vacation house, the estate in hyde park. i can’t remember if i was able to take you there. anyway, photography isn’t allowed inside, but took enough photos of the grounds. i’ll write more about my impressions in another post. i’m so tired after the almost three-hour drive. i’ll post a slideshow of the trip after we see the other houses.

for dinner, we went to a beachside restaurant called flo’s clam shack. enjoyed clam strips, clam cakes and calamari. just wish they had marinara sauce. would have been perfect for the strips and calamari. they did have shrimp coctail sauce but it just wasn’t quite the same.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow, a let's-see-how-rich-people live/lived tour 🙂 i like doing those 😀 and i love seafood too. maybe you can drive 3 hours again next time? uhurm 😀


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    sure, why not? you just have to promise not to fall asleep during the drive. i'm really getting excited. you better make sure you're actually visiting next year. i already told our friend “J” (or should i do “Y”?) and she got really excited. she promised i could stay with her if you let me tag along with you to california 🙂


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