i know i’ve posted about adobong balut, but i didn’t realize we haven’t had a post on the virgin balut, which, in its own category, is our country’s contribution to the world’s bizarre foods (to the detriment of china and vietnam, who have these as well).

well, anyway, i was eating at roadside isaw stand in a visayan island when a balut vendor passed by. so to complete the streetfood experience, i bought one. he was talking in the dialect and was obiously asking me a question i couldn’t understand. the isaw lady translated it for me and asked if i wanted a balut that had been fertilized 16, 17 or 18 days. apparently, the 16-day balut is the best (and had the smallest embryo) so i chose it. wow, it was a macapuno balut — yolk all around, hidden embryo, soft and chewable “bato”. the perfect balut, if there was one. best with garlic vinegar.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    garlic vinegar with balut? i don't think i've ever tried that. i always just have balut with salt. unfortunately, i haven't had it in a while. the last couple of times we tried to buy balut at the fil-am store, the fully grown birds almost hopped out when we cracked them open. i think balut gained international notoriety after being featured in “fear factor.”


  2. Betis Boy says:

    you should try it with vinegar. really good. about those baluts with the flying chicks, you think the fil-am store imports them from here? if so, they should get them a day or two sooner because of the transpacific flight. ha.ha. 😀


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