goodnight, irene

my apartment building’s parking lot

*huge sigh … i finally have a quiet day after the hullabaloo over hurricane-then-tropical-storm irene. actually, the uproar and chaos will continue for sometime. many parts of new york, connecticut, new jersey, north carolina are under water. we were extremely lucky. all we got in my community were a few broken branches and some downed trees. lights may have flickered once or twice but we didn’t get any outages. so i’m enjoying hot showers and a “doctor who” marathon while some of my co-workers were told they wouldn’t get any electricity until maybe saturday.

while editing stories a couple of nights ago, i came across a photo of this young man, probably still a teenager, who was hanging onto a branch in the middle of churning floodwaters. he had to be rescued. my first reaction on seeing the photo was “OMG, what an idiot!” and then i remembered how it was when we were kids and we had flooding. we’d ride the “balsa” (banana stalks speared or lashed together). splash in the floodwaters. it was like a holiday. now, of course, i cringe when i remember that. we could have drowned (actually had a cousin who did). or gotten very sick because of the dirty water (ewwww!).

one of our staff photographers spent the night in the studio instead of going home

did i ever tell you about the day we saw a dead body in the water? i think i was already in high school, probably a freshman. my mom made me stay with my uncle in san pedro because you needed a submarine to get to kilo. we were hanging out on the porch when my cousins and i saw a foot bob up in the water. we called the adults, who promptly checked it out. turned out to have been somebody from the area who must have slipped in the floodwaters, knocked his head against something hard and drowned.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    first, am so glad you're safe and sound. and i really wasn't worried much because i knew you were wired how to deal with a hurricane/tropical storm. you're not guagua girl for nothing! 🙂

    which goes to the second story. really, you actually saw a dead body in the water when we were younger? did it give you nightmares afterwards? or you just avoided eating local fish for some time?


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    yup. no. no. really tells you how i'm wired, doesn't it? 😛 seriously, though, i was already in high school. maybe it would have disturbed me more if i was younger. maybe not. i don't think my younger cousins had nightmares either.


  3. Betis Boy says:

    i would have stayed away from the waters for a long time. the cadaver hadn't been there a while, has it?


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    i think he died early morning or late that night. i still have the image in my head. though he hadn't shown up in any dreams/nightmares. the man was wearing a T-shirt and “puruntungs” (bermuda shorts).


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