peruvian lunch

lomo saltado

it’s amazing, isn’t it, how you can find “familiar” dishes in other cuisines? i had lunch at a peruvian bistro a couple of days ago and ordered the lomo saltado, described as “stir-fry beef sauteed in onions, tomatoes and french fries served with white rice.” when the dish arrived, i realized it was actually “bistek” (or “bistig” in kapampangan and beef steak in english). it was really good, but i had to laugh over the whole french fries and rice combo. man, peruvians seem to love their carbs, don’t they 😉

tallarin saltado de carne

T ordered tallarin saltado de carne (peruvian stir-fry beef spaghetti), so we kinda expected a traditional spaghetti dish. it actually came out like chinese lo mien. but T tells me it taste very much like the noodles she enjoyed in india.

we also ordered appetizers (packaged with the lunch combo menu) and i got a chicken salad. it was really simple but very good — iceberg lettuce, blanched carrots (so they weren’t exactly raw but still had the crispness) and shredded chicken breast tossed in lime and a little bit of salt. T had the house soup, which was a meal in itself. had veggies and quinoa in it. i think it may have also had beef cubes.

all this, plus soda, for only $8.99 — pretty good deal, eh? oh, the restaurant’s name is chavin.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    it's true, if you didn't tell me you ate a peruvian resto i would have thought you ate at a pinoy one 🙂 or at home in jersey city 🙂 the dry spaghetti looked really homey and familiar, and the soup too. off topic, is it in peru where they cultivate and fry guinea pigs?


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