lemon grass fried chicken

you know that one of my favorite dishes is tinolang manok, which we usually cook with tanglad (lemongrass). but when there are leftover chicken parts and we fry these the day after, i hate the taste, it doens’t work.

however, that has changed. i guess it’s in the way of frying. we were served these native (free-range) chicken which were stuffed with lemongrass and then fried whole in a tub of oil. they were fantastic! there was just a hint of lemongrass (unlike the tinola version where it has seeped too much into the chicken, thus overpowering the poultry flavor). here, it tasted like chicken, first and foremost, then a hint of the herb. of course, it helped that frying it straight made the skin crunchy and delicious.

i have to try doing this soon. maybe also a variation by stuffing pandan inside the cavity too.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    one of MY favorite dishes is fried chicken so you can imagine me salivating when i saw this post. never had tinolang manok with tanglad, though. (you know, i'm gonna tease my mom about my “deprived” childhod). and i'm curious what a pandan-stuffed fried chicken would taste like. i can try that here since they sell pandan leaves at the fil-am store đŸ™‚ maybe baked, instead of fried.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    i'm guessing pandan-stuffed fried chicken will taste a lot like the thai-style pandan chicken (chicken pieces rolled in pandan leaves then fried) — you have had those haven't you, please tell me you have. those are fantastic.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    OK, won't tell you. man, i'm seriously missing out on good stuff here. i'll have to find that pandan chicken in thai restos here.


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