golden kiwi

as a martial law baby who grew up in the philippines, i’m sure when somebody mentioned “expensive” and “luxurious” fruits you thought of apples, oranges and grapes. well, at least i did. i felt privileged everytime i saw apples on the table (we only had these during christmas or when one of our relatives went home for vacation from the U.S.).

however, my idea of an opulent fruit was (and still is) kiwi (following close behind are persimons and cherries). i think i first tasted this fruit when i was already in my teens, on an airplane ride, and have loved it since then. it still is expensive here (a fruit costs 35 bucks). yesterday, i tried the golden kiwi for the first time. nothing different from the green one. (it’s actually a bit less tart, which is what i like about the kiwi in the first place.)


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  1. CLAIRE ESPINA says:

    Never had golden kiwi and will have to try this now. Do not see them around here in the US.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    have to admit, i like kiwi on stuff (like baked goods) but never alone. weird, i know. have to find some golden kiwi and get a taste.


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