steak or pot roast

for my dad’s birthday we had dinner in a hotel. as you know steak (this looks more like a pot roast) is pricey in the third world, so it’s considered special food (at least for us). although some restos offer 99-peso steak meals (they might as well serve rubber).

anyway, i was good. i removed and set aside all the fats. (you ask what’s the point of eating grilled meat without the fat). i say, nothing much actually. 😦


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    hey, wish your dad happy birthday for me (does he know me?)! remind me to take you to this steakhouse in hoboken called arthur's when you get here. they've really good steak (and barbecue ribs).

    speaking of fats, i was at my favorite mexican resto a couple of weeks ago and i ordered pork belly taco. the server tried to explain what pork belly was. i assured her i knew exactly what i was asking for. apparently, some people were appalled by the fat in the pork, HA HA HA!


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