way back home

on my way home to pampanga for all saints’ day weekend, i decided to go through the scenic and culinary route (versus horrendous EDSA). i don’t know if you’re familiar with C-5 but this highway runs parallel to EDSA from quezon city to the south expressway. and what’s good about it is i end up in the diliman area, hence, home 🙂

i knew it was sem break so i wasn’t worried about finding parking space (which is a challenge during schooldays. ha! mabuhay ang iskolar ng bayan!). what i was worried about was that beach house would be closed. sadly, it was. so i went to CASAA instead. both gloria’s stalls were closed, and only half of the rest were open. i went to sizzler’s. can you believe the lady who mans the grill is still there?

i got the pork chops. tastes exactly the same. i tell you, entering the campus is like entering a time warp.


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  1. claire espina says:

    And I am dating myself here – because the Campus you describe is only half-familiar to me. Only the Acacia trees were familiar… I do not know what CASAA, beach house, gloria's stall etc., Sizzler's I only know from here in the US.

    During my time, we had what we called the Shopping Center or Dilimall, or the Coop… Rodics and a few others, and then the eateries on Kalayaan, Sa Plato, Entre Nous… and some private residences in the Area… Last year I ate at Rodic's and tried so very hard to imagine I was 16 – and even that is getting harder and harder to do… sigh…


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. wapin atsi, at least the acacias in the oval are perpetual, for everyone's personal sense of nostalgia.

    CASAA is the canteen beside the Arts and Sciences Building (Palma Hall). It's between Palma Hall and the Palma Hall Annex Building. Gloria's is the stall tha serves lutong capampangan, which was our to-go to place during our time when we missed our moms' cooking.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    LOL! that road looks very familiar. you know, we tell people we bonded over french fries, but remember we also started hanging out more during the second semester of our freshman year. we started running together around the oval and that track field near kalayaan.

    you know, aside from the casaa restaurants, i'd also like to visit the canteen over at … oh christ, i've forgotten the name of the dorm right next to sampa. it's the one with the canteen. jenny and i used to eat chicken there all the time, LOL!


  4. tris says:

    ahh. UPD. I miss it. I also miss the old UP Aguman tambayan next to the anthropology dept. Every now and then someone from the offices will come out and try to shush us. The stores next to the laundry (Coop?)sell very good chicken salad sandwiches and carabao's milk in tetra pak. Is Molave hall still around? I have not been back to Manila since 1990. Now I'm dating myself too.


  5. Betis Boy says:

    up to my 2nd year in aguman, the tambayan was still on the 3rd floor of AS Building, and yes, the professors near our tambayan preferred to have their doors closed because we got too noisy even if we were just talking in our normal voices. ha.ha.


  6. Betis Boy says:

    GG, i remember the canteen but also can't remember the name. and i also remember the fried chicken there 🙂 it's not cherry yum yum, that's the one beside yakal.


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