pili nuts

around this time last year, we talked about caramelized walnuts. i was in the bicol region last week and, of course, had to buy some pili nuts. i bought some from albay pili nuts (which is supposed to be the original and the best). they sell from the second floor of an old house (and i presume the production area is somewhere at the back or maybe on the first floor). the set-up reminded me so much of the ocampo-lansang turones de casuy business in sta. rita, pampanga.

anyway, they sold three variants — the crispy pili (photo above), another one covered in sesame seeds (which i brought to the office), and another one that seemed to be covered in sugared dough (which i didn’t buy because i couldn’t see the pili at all, since the driver warned me that some unscrupulous vendors mix some sugar-covered camote with the pili). this brand turned out to be reliable though.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i LOVE pili nuts. i think my favorites are pili and pistacchio. so funny you posted about pili. last time i was in NJ, i went to the fil-am store and grabbed some treats, including a bag of growers glazed pili nuts 😀


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