fresh catch

i came from a trip near the sea recently and my souvenirs include a lot of red blotches on my arms, feet and legs courtesy of sand mites bites. they are so red and itchy that i’d rather be bitten by a lots of ants instead of these pesky mites (niknik in tagalog).

we passed by a group of spear fishermen who were cooking their catch for the morning. they had some shellfish, sea urchin, lobsters and small fish. talk about some fresh catch from the sea! reminds me of a tourism campaign (i think it was WOW Philipines) where “fastfood” was depicted as a fisherman running along the shore carrying a big fish.

their tools of the trade are spearguns, fins, goggles, and a plastic bottle used as a floater.

they also sold their catch of course. a lady who was in our group bought the fish with the blue dots. (forgot to ask what it’s called, i was too busy scratching my bites.)


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    man, those look like i fish i only see in aquariums — or when i go snorkeling. i wonder what they taste like.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    me too. i was curious how those would taste like. i was so tempted to buy the lobster and the sea urchin, but we still had a lot to cover for the day.


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