nourishing breakfast? taho!

loved saturday mornings when i was a kid. it meant no school. 3 full hours of entertainment with the “saturday fun machine.” treats from my mom’s weekly trek to the guagua market. and, best of all, taho (soya?) for breakfast! as soon as i heard the old man’s cry of “taho,” i ran down with my very own “large” cup, ready to partake of this yummy treat.

there’s a ritual to having taho and the vendor can’t be rushed. he puts down his wares, flips open one container, releasing the steam from the taho. using his scooper, he tosses out some of the excess water that accumulates on top. and then with a twist of his wrist, he begins to ladle the taho into the cups. layer by layer, the taho “grows” until two-thirds of the way, he stops. he flips open the other container. this time he uses a small dipper with a long handle and draws out sweet and sticky and yummy syrup. he swirls the saccharine concoction on top of the taho, once! twice! then he dips into the container again, this time drawing out tiny pearls of sago that he gently drops on top of the taho.

man, i miss those saturday mornings. the taho featured above came from the fil-am store in new jersey, which in turn bought it from somewhere in chinatown. the taho is the same as the one i had as a child, but the syrup is not. and it doesn’t include sago. fortunately, i can get a bottle of tapioca pearl in syrup from the fil-am store 🙂


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    still the favorite of kids (and adults) here in the house. and yes, the itinerant taho vendor still passes by most mornings… “tahoooooooooo!”. the kids are repeat buyers he normally stops by our gate regularly.
    as for me, i'm not such a fan. unless you drown it in arnibal and sago 😀


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    did you notice the ratio of arnibal/sago to the taho in the photo above?!?! HA HA HA! i drown mine in syrup and sago as well.


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