barley juice

i know it’s the season for barley juice (but of the fermented kind. he.he.) but this won’t be about beer, but the more benign form of barley juice. i get it from wee nam kee (yup, the home of the hainanese chicken i’ve blogged about before). you can get it either hot or cold, but i prefer it cold. it tastes like buko pandan but not quite like it. not too sweet either, just the right hint. it’s very refershing though, and you feel healthy drinking this. the barley grains at the bottom are not quite the sago or the gulaman or the nata de coco we’re used to, but they’re chewy so they add a nice contrast in texture. all in all this is a very good drink. i wonder if i leave it for a long time if it’ll turn into beer. he.he.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    that really looks like just buko juice. i'm very curious about the taste and am wondering where i'm going to be able to find it here 🙂

    things have kinda slowed down on our blog this last week, especially on my end. but i promise to return with some great food — photos and recipes included — soon!


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