Heaven in a jar: Tsokolateng binatirul

I was so happy when I received this gift from our friend K. We’d been talking about it way before Christmas (about which brand/house produced the best one), so she got me this one . I know chocolate milk is everyone’s comfort food, but there’s a special warmth in our tsokolate batirol mix — with ground peanuts; can you see the speckles in the jar? — that makes one look forward to happy mornings!


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    OMG! i'm sooooo envious. my cousin M was home to visit her dad and i totally forgot to ask if she could bring a bottle of this (could you make a note to get me a jar when one of our friends decide to visit the east coast?). i miss the tsokolateng binatirol.

    someone gave me a bottle a couple of years back and hoarded it like gold. i made it last for quite a while 😛 i do not have the slim pitcher and wooden mixer, though, so i just used my blender, he he he.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    i'm on the hunt for a good batirol (my mom said the ones she saw being sold are really expensive). somehow it doesn't feel authentic using the mixer. he.he.


  3. claire espina says:

    I have my Lola's old bronze batirul – one f the few things I have from her. I did not know they sold these things now – tsokolate batirol – you must share the brand and where I can get these when I go home. I wonder if I can bring it to the US?


  4. Betis Boy says:

    hi atsi, the more famous brands are nana meng's tskolate and another one, tskolate de batirol, which have outlets in the major malls and sell tskolate batirol and also chocolate tableas. i'm sure you can bring them to the US (not sure about Australia though, customs is a lot stricter there). i'll pack one for you and another one for guagua girl when you come visiting. 🙂


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