angry birds (promdi version)

before the proliferation of “angry birds” (which, btw, the church officials here are suggesting to ban because of unsuitable values being imparted by the game), there was of course the multicolored chicks of our youth, usually sold by itinerant vendors outside school gates or in churchyards during sunday masses and fiestas. (yesterday was our fiesta, so the nephew got a couple.)

you know there’s reason to worry that the kids are spending too much time in front of their computers, instead of being out in the yard, when they got worried when the chicks started eating the ants on the ground 😦 this, even after they have watched “a bug’s life” many times 😦 they had to ask if it was safe for the chicks to eat the ants. ha.ha. 🙂


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    HA HA HA, i've forgotten about the multicolored chicks. i've never had them but like you remember them from the vendors right outside the church on sunday mornings. sounds like your nieces and nephews need a crash course on “country” life 😛


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