buko at turon

do you remember when we’d have a full merienda of turon and buko juice for less thank 5 pesos? guess what, a turon nowadays costs 10 bucks, and a big bottle of juice from the mall-based stands costs… 75 freakin bucks!

still, a snack of buko and turon brings comfort to the heart.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i think i'll have peso shock when i go back to the philippines. HA HA HA! even now, in my head, i still think a tri-wheeler ride in kilo would only cost P1.50, HA HA HA! so a turon for P10?!?!?! and buko juice for P75?!?! wow!


  2. Betis Boy says:

    buko juice at P75 is for the biggest bottle ha. the roadside stalls still sell 10-peso buko juice in plastic cups đŸ™‚ but yes, turon at P10. ha.ha.


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