magnolia bakery cupcakes

our friend C made her first solo foray into new york city yesterday (woohoo!) and came back with a box of cupcakes from the magnolia bakery at grand central terminal. these cupcakes are quite popular and have been name-dropped on shows such as “sex and the city.” in fact, the first time i heard of the store was in a primetime TV series called “dirty sexy money.” one of the characters complained about the long lines just to buy a cupcake.

i got to say, they’re good cupcakes 🙂 the actual cakes are nice and moist. but it’s the frosting that really sells these treats; very creamy and not too sugary. the one i had last night, the truffle cupcake, was quite decadent. it was made of devil’s food cake with chocolate ganache. and when i bit into it, i got a nice surprise — white chocolate filling.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. soon enough C will bring home a “kabuhayan” showcase 🙂 ha.ha. starting with these yummy cupcakes 🙂 manila used to go crazy with these magnolia bakery style cupcakes (there's a store here near work called sonja's cupcakes) and i always get the lemon one, sometimes the red velvet.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    LOL! not sure how these would survive a 17-hour flight from new york to japan to manila 😛 BTW, let me know what you want from here. as you can imagine, our dear friend J already has sent me her requests 😉


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