kentucky hot brown

this post is a week late. last saturday, the kentucky derby kicked off the triple crown races (the preakness is next, then the belmont). to celebrate the commonwealth of kentucky, my colleagues brought in food inspired by the south. the one above is called a kentucky hot brown, “a traditional derby dish named after a good ole louisville hotel,” according to H, who brought in the dish. “it’s basically a turkey BLT without the lettuce and in casserole form.” on the right is a piece of cornbread with green chilis. HOT!


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    the patty reminds me of the bacon sandwich sold by KFC where the chicken patties serve as the bun (to the bacon and cheese filling). for one reason or another i never got to try that. but this looks real good with the spicy cornbread (though i don't like corn bread and corn muffins too much).


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    oh yeah, i remember that sandwich. that was insane. it was called a double down. i never tried it either. i love chicken, but not that much. this is closer to tropical chicken, actually.


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