airconditioned street food

there’s kwek-kwek balut (fried ducks embryo), kwek-kwek penoy (fried chicken egg), singakamas and mangga with bagoong (jicama and mangoes with shrimp paste), and iced gulaman (flavored gelatin drink). now all available inside malls. at thrice the non-airconditioned prices.

gotta admit them flies hovering and the smoke belching from passing jeepneys in the street version somehow add a touch of authenticity to these foods, and in a perverse way, make them taste better. har.har.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    agree with eating street food where it should be eaten — out on the street. the best part about food like fishball is standing in front of the hot wok, making tusok-tusok (spearing) the fishball, dunking them in the various sauces, (which would sometimes get on your hand so you have to lick it clean) and then blowing furiously at the burning-hot fishball because you're too impatient to wait … all the while jostling with other folks who want a taste of the fishball as well 🙂 i can't imagine it's that fun in a more “sterile” setting such as the mall.


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