An ode to SPAM

We always joke about how canned goods from the United States stay forever inside cabinets in Philippine households, kept to the point of near expiration. Not in our house in Kilo, though. Between me and Apu, SPAM and corned beef never got comfortable behind the glass. An oft-used phrase at home: “makamate na kayung SPAM (go and slaughter a spam).” LOL!

Mention SPAM to Philippine-born or raised folks from our generation and I bet they would think of the ubiquitous canned good from our childhood before their thoughts turn to junk mail.

Which is why I was surprised to realize we’ve never posted about this favorite “pasalubong” from the United States. We have mentioned it in posts and comments but have never done a full post about it. So I started putting some dishes together and photos. Then I saw s friend’s Facebook post about its 75th anniversary. I knew then the blog had to acknowledge that milestone, at least 🙂


How do you like your spam best? I like mine thinly sliced, fried in its own fat/juices until crisp and then served with garlic fried rice and a little ketchup.

But when i’m bored, I experiment — see the other SPAM-inspired dishes in this post.


Sside story: When I slice the SPAM, my mom says “kapulsu na kang Shirley [from the Philippine sitcom “John en Marsha].” Do you remember when she sliced cheese for sandwiches and she had to make them so thin so the block of cheese would last longer? That’s kinda what my mom is referring to.)

Did you know there are 14 varieties of SPAM? Says so right there on its website. I’ve only tried less sodium and spam lite. I’m intrigued by the one with cheese, though, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across it at the supermarket. Of course, SPAM is not limited to the mystery meat cooked inside its own can. Here’s a photo from a friend in California — Who knew?!?!



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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow! spam!!! we buy ours from the supermarket now. it's practically comfort food in our house 🙂 and yup, my mom usually buys the lite or the less sodium. i like it best toasted fried and then the rice has carabao's milk and salt. and with some scrambled eggs of course. sometimes we cut it into small blocks and cook it in a stew of tomato sauce and catsup. you won't believe how much stew can be made with one can 🙂 i love spam!


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    LOL! i've made a nacho dip with spam, fresh tomatoes and cheese but have never done a stew. hmmm, good idea for next time, he he he.


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