empanada mama

viagra: a seafood stew empanada

before we headed off to see “uncle vanya,” ateng E and i went to have early dinner at a place called empanada mama. gotta to tell you, you really don’t need a huge menu to have a successful restaurant. a few select but really, really good items, throw in some awesome drinks, and you’re all set.

pernil: marinated pork that is slowly roasted

as you may have gleaned from the name of the resto, the featured fare here are the empanadas, those hot pockets of awesome goodness. in a previous visit, i’ve the hawaiian (ham sauteed with pineapples and mozzarella) and the cuban (roasted pork with ham and sofrito sauce) empanadas. this time, i went with viagra(!), which is a seafood stew with shrimps, scallops and crab meat. and i also got pernil, which is marinated pork that is slowly roasted.

plantain chips with guacamole on the side

instead of nachos, empanada mama serves its lovely guacamole with fried plantain chips, which are quite addictive. it’s a generous serving, more than enough for two people. ateng E got a mango shake, while i took the opportunity to get guyabano (soursop) shake. soooo refreshing.

guyabano shake
you know what else i like about this resto? the price. the empanadas cost less than $3 each. there are entrees, of course, such as arroz con pollo or pollo guisado. they looked and smelled pretty good (somebody at the next table ordered some) but the stars of this resto are really the empanadas. so you may want to add this to the list of places you might want to go to when you visit 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Betis Boy says:

    i'm an empanada/panara freak. i like the fried ones better than the baked ones. heck, nothing beats fried dough with meat inside 🙂 the pork empanada above looks amazing!


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    hey, that reminds me … you said you were going to get the recipe for panara. do a recipe post for it so i can try and make some 🙂


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