seedless mabolo

do you rememember the taste of mabolos? the red fuzzy fruit with a peach-like appearance, apple-looking flesh inside, and a love-it-or-hate it taste?

well, what do you know, it’s got a seedless, miniature version. my mom brought some, from all places, the betis church, where apparently two full-grown trees can be found in the churchyard (how would I know?! he.he.). they weren’t quite ripe yet but my dad and i opened one. i like the taste of mabolo so i liked it. (i hate the taste of chalky chesa though).

the seedlings of this seedless variety was apparently cultivated in u.p. los banos, and brought to betis by randy david. at least that’s how the story goes. but then again, this is betis, where fact and folklore go hand in hand.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i really, really don't like chesas, but mabolos i actually like. never had a seedless version, though. any difference in the taste? oh and i love the detail about the church — and how you wouldn't have known about the trees. so do you only go for occasions like baptisms and such (asks the girl who still hasn't gone looking for a catholic church in her neighborhood)?


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