fresh tuba (fermented coconut sap / coco liquor)

if you are in a faraway place and the people offer you food and/or drinks, even if you don’t drink and even if you are not andrew zimmern who relishes everything exotic, be polite and accept it. take a sip and take a bite, rejecting their generous offer (remember, these people normally don’t have much) will be taken as the ultimate insult and you may never get out of that place alive 🙂

anyway, that is the context of how i recently tasted tuba (coconut liquor) for the first time. actually this tuba was harvested that very morning — imagine collecting coconut sap much like they do maple syrup, except that the holes are about 10 meters high — so it hadn’t matured yet. it would have taken just the following day for it to really kick a punch, and a week later, it would have turned to vinegar.

so… the fresh coconut sap tasted both sweet and acidic. remember the taste of sugarcane juice? it’s very much like it except there’s a hint of alcohol in this tuba already. nothing that could cause a buzz though. good thing this hasn’t matured yet otherwise i would have had a headache the morning after (and i had an early start the next day!).

btw, a whole gallon costs 60 pesos in these parts. imagine that! 🙂 too bad it’s too cumbersome to bring some home (as pinakurat vinegar) to pampanga.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i've always wanted to try this but never got the opportunity. BTW, how different is lambanog to tuba? or are they the same?


  2. Betis Boy says:

    here's your answer to the tuba-lambanog question 🙂


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