frozen lychees

i’m not sure if you get fresh lychees there, but i got some recently from the market. the problem was that some were a bit too ripe and they go rancid when they become overripe. so after having a fill of the fresh ones, i peeled the leftovers, poured some lime juice on them, topped them with sugar, and froze them. made for a good, refreshing snack the day after. 🙂

for some who may not be familiar with this fruit, this is how fresh lychees look like (they’re usually sold by the kilo, packed in a bunch with their stems on. photos below from a streetstall in beijing. waaah, it’s been more than a year since i last travelled out of the country).


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    it's amazing how we can be separated 8,000 miles and be enjoying the same things. last week was the kilo bangus, this time it's the lychees. my dad bought me some — i think he got them from chinatown — and they were really, really sweet.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    wapin. we have like-minded parents. ha.ha.


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