celebrating birthdays with a korean dinner

dinner at korea spoon in NYC

a dearest friend and a dearest cousin had their birthdays saturday and we went with a korean “theme.” the “night” (i’m putting this in quotes because we started around 4 p.m., HA HA HA!) began with drinks at a place called bonchon, which is rather famous for its chicken. i think we paid more attention to the honey-garlic wings than to the cocktails 😛

apple martini
wings at bonchon

dinner was at a midtown manhattan restaurant called korea spoon (no way anyone will get confused about what they serve there). we went for the bulgogi (marinated meats), of course. there’s nothing like grilled meat, is there? the beef was very tender and the marinade was the right mix of sweet, tangy and spicy.

because there were 6 of us, we got our very own “griller,” a young korean guy, who told us he had visited cebu a couple of years back. he is apparently studying biology in new york, hoping to become a doctor. this revelation prompted a lot of teasing — the target being my cousin E, a nurse and who is, and i’m not using this description lightly, an addict when it comes to korean telenovelas. her taste in men leans toward asians 😉

sauteed scallions, left, and some condiments
teriyaki mushroom side dish

we’ve both mentioned how much we enjoy the side dishes that come with a korean meal. this was no different. aside from the usual pickled jicama, kimchi, etc. we also got a gyeranjjim (or steamed egg) and soondubuchigae (spicy tofu soup). what had us cracking up was when the egg was brought to our table, everybody looked around and began whispering, “did we order that?” HA HA HA! our server quickly told us it came with the order. when he brought the soup in, he went “FREE, FREE” before we even said anything!

he was very sweet, though. he asked us how different philippine barbecue is and one of the girls mentioned that we would normally get vinegar as dipping sauce for the meat. he promptly went away and came back with a small bottle of vinegar. that guy deserved his big tip!

japchae for long life

we rarely see each other with the whole group together, complete. so you can imagine what a chat fest the night was. after dinner, reluctant to part ways, we went to a dessert place a few doors down called tous les jours. there we had green tea ice flakes (basically a korean halo-halo) with fresh fruit and a scoop of green tea ice cream.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow. when you said you had a korean-themed night you weren't kidding. ha.ha. we have bonchon here too, and the fried chicken sure are tasty. but i won't be near a bonchon resto anytime soon. it's one of the closest restos to where i park, and i think there was a week or two where i ate dinner there everyday. ha.ha. the outlets here are of the fast-food type though (think jollibee), and the chicken are on the pricey side even if it's a fastfood shop. the kimchi coleslaw is quite good though. the halo-halo with green tea ice cream looks really good. (you know me, give me green tea ice cream anytime) 🙂 and korean barbecue? wow. the best is korean duck barbecue. better than peking duck.


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