dim sum part deux

it feels like i’ve been in an asian state of mind recently. had that korean dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago. then the trip to the japanese restaurant recently. on saturday, two of my cousins and i had dim sum before heading out to see jet li’s new movie, “flying swords of dragon gate.”

creamy tofu with shrimp filling

we headed to jing fong, a popular dim sum destination in chinatown. the second-floor restaurant is a large banquet hall that, judging from the number of chandeliers and “stages” or daises, can be split into three smaller rooms. during the week, when there are fewer customers, i think they close off one part of the hall. but during the weekend, the whole place is packed with customers and women pushing carts laden with treats such as siomai (spelled shu mai here), kikyam, shrimp balls.

shrimp and pork wrapped in bean curd

i’m not sure if they do the same thing there in the philippines. but as soon as you go in, you get a card for your table. every time you pick something either from the push carts or from the buffet table, a server marks your card depending on how big the plate is or how many ingredients the dish has. prices range from $2.50 to $5 and, as you can see, there are 3-4 pieces in each serving.

one of the reasons this restaurant is popular is the sheer variety of its offerings. aside from the usual dim sum, there are also the more unusual treats, such as chicken feet and tripe 🙂 
now, dim sum is always served with tea. in fact, “eating dim sum … is usually known in cantonese as going to drink tea,” according to a wikipedia entry. i wonder if that’s true. i did learn one thing about tea that day. one of my cousins taught us that all we need to do to get our teapot refilled is to flip its lid. sure enough, a server promptly stopped by our table, whisked the empty teapot away and returned with a fresh one.

and to cap off the wonderful meal, we had a nice, refreshing dessert of watermelon, lychees, pineapple and black jelly 🙂


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow, that dimsum spread looks scrumptuous i suddenly want to go the to the one offered in mandarin oriental makati (or is it the dusit thani) here… binondo is a bit too far from where i work. and the shumai and that bacon-covered thing looks delicious. and the chicken feet too. best with spicy garlic and soy sauce with lemon or calamansi… and yes, hot tea. (that open the teapot lid for refill thing i've known for quite some time. i think i learned it from a friend when we were in hongkong.)


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    i don't eat chicken feet (or what we filipinos call adidas, LOL!). but some of my cousins do and i'm still amazed by how they put in a piece in their mouths and spit out clean bones.


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