banana cue: story board style

if friends from abroad were visiting and i wanted to introduce them to banana cue (filipino take on bananas foster, without the ice cream), this would be the best story board.

while on an exotic island (take your pick from literally thousands of ours), ride a trishaw (or pedicab: a cab attached to a bicycle and driven manually, rather pedially). then make it happen happen to stumble upon a roadside stall selling this stuff.

be careful not to go near the vatful of boiling oil. (the nearest hospital is an island away, and the next ferry ride will be tomorrow.)

buy as much as you can probably eat. they go for 7 pesos per stick (roughly 10 cents per banana).

enjoy the ride while eating the piping-hot sweets.

eat the rest of them here, with your drink of choice. goes best with ice-cold buko (young coconut) juice.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    you know, all i could think about looking at the photo of the bananacue? nibbling on the caramelized sugar! used to do that all the time as a kid, much to my grandmother's consternation. she would shake her head when she found the denuded bananas 😛


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