hello US open, goodbye andy roddick

soooooo, we were a bit early. too excited, LOL!

what an incredible day we had at the US open last week! when i bought the tickets back in may and chose the men’s quarterfinals match, i just prayed somebody we knew was playing. i figured that in the quarterfinals, we’d know at least one of the tennis players. i certainly didn’t count on seeing maria sharapova, no. 3 in the world. or witnessing the last game and emotional farewell of american champ andy roddick.

that’s sharapova on the left playing against marion bartoli of france

OK, lemme backtrack a bit. you must be scratching your head and wondering “when did SHE become a tennis fan?” i wasn’t. not before this. i mean, i’ve caught some games on ESPN — or at least the highlights. knew the top players. occasionally read stories in the newspaper. but i never really followed the sport as obsessively as i do baseball *wide grin … but watching a live match, even from waaaaaaay up in the nosebleed seats, was exhilarating! and no, we didn’t do that head move where tennis spectators look left, then right, following the volley. we were able to take in the whole game from our lofty perch 😛

spectators arrived armed with umbrellas

we got there early on wednesday because the day session was supposed to start at 11 and we were warned that the lines could get extremely long. i was expecting a match between britain’s andy murray — the eventual winner! — and another guy whose name i can’t remember. but the bad weather that had plagued much of the tournament messed up the matches the night before. my cousin and i were thrilled to see sharapova’s name on the electronic notice boards. still, it took three attempts before her match actually started. every time the court looked ready to go, it rained for a few minutes. then the skies cleared up, the guys with the vacuums came out to dry the court only to run back inside when heavens opened up again.

that’s roddick on the right, up against juan martin del potro of argentina

our excitement went up several notches when we saw they scheduled roddick’s match next. it was suspended the night before because of thunderstorms. i had idly wondered when he announced he was retiring whether i’d get a chance to see him. he’s one of the few names in tennis i actually followed. the kid who took on tennis greats. i teared up a bit when he spoke to the crowd and said his goodbyes.

the skies did clear up later in the afternoon
the famed lobster roll at the US open
since we spent almost an entire day at the open, we needed to eat. the lobster roll came highly recommended, but it really wasn’t that good. needed a bit more mayo and the lobster wasn’t very fresh. not like this one here. and next time, we know to bring our own water … god, a bottle cost $5 (outside, a bottle is about $1.25)!

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  1. Betis Boy says:

    some observations:
    1. andy who? you saw sharapova and didn't take a photo?!!! it may be the start of the murray era…
    2. it didn't actually surprise me that you'll end up a following tennis one day. i guess you like to watch guys whack balls more than shooting them 😛
    3. i did compare the lobster rolls photos and will have to agree that the other one looks much more appetizing.
    4. those seats look comfortable though. and how did you shield yourself from the rains?
    5. and $5 per bottle of water??? are they selling stuff from the fountain of youth?


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    why am i not surprised you know sharapova but not andy roddick? 😛 he arrived on the scene just as sampras and agassi were getting ready to bow out. so for a while there, roddick was the face of american tennis. check this storyon his retirement. and yeah, it was great to see murray finally get his first grand slam title.

    oh, and i DID get a photo of sharapova! second photo from the top. she's a tiny dot on the court 🙂 didn't you read the part about where i was seating?!?! be glad i even had photos. i forgot my camera (*facepalm). these are cellphone photos. pretty good, eh?

    you know when i first read “shooting them,” i thought billiards?!?! LOL! you meant basketball. yes, indeed, there's something more satisfying about smacking balls around 😉

    we brought umbrellas. the rain wasn't the problem. it was the sun later on. i'm currently two-toned. i was wearing a shirt and shorts. so half of my arms and thighs are pale, the other half lightly tanned, LOL!


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