blurry korean dinner

meeting up with childhood friends is always special, right? there’s something homey with having dinner with friends who you literally grew up with and harbor no pretenses with self-image because you saw them (and they saw you) with snot and runny noses. (ha.ha.)

we ate in koreatown in clark. i don’t know the name of the resto (except that it’s beside jun-jun’s bbq place and it was referred to us by our friend k) because the sign was written only in korean. the owner must have liked us (or found us weird and noisy) so she gave extra dumplings in our beef soup, which we noticed she didn’t do for the other customers (we checked the bill and there wasn’t any extra charge for these). 🙂

the dumplings were really good. like giant pancit molo 🙂

and presenting.. the spiciest radish kimchi in town… i must have finished a whole pitcher of water by myself because of these 🙂


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    very important question here: why are the photos so blurry?!?!?! you mention it in the headline but never account for it in the post. were you drinking?!?!


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