belated birthday celebration

stuffed mushrooms with crab meat and gorgonzola cheese

T’s birthday was actually several months back. but, as usual, we couldn’t get our schedules straight since T, K and i all belong to the weird weekends club. finally pinned down a date and T picked this lovely waterfront restaurant in patchogue on long island called lombardi’s on the bay.

pulpo carpaccio

if the menu included stuffed mushrooms, you can be sure we’d order them. i really should learn how to make this appetizer; it seems fairly simple. we also had carpaccio, but this was seafood carpaccio, much to K’s dismay. specifically, it was octopus carpaccio and it was served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon. it was, as you might have suspected, a bit chewy. but i actually liked it.

linguine with white clam sauce and pancetta
baked shrimp in butter, garlic, parmigiana and breadcrumbs
grilled lemon garlic chicken breast

T, who’d been to the restaurant a number of times, knew what she wanted right away. i went back and forth between a lobster roll (i know, i know, been craving it for a while now) and what i eventually got β€” baked shrimp. and yes, before you ask, i did sop the buttery, garlicky remnants of my shrimp with bread, LOL! K, as always, went with chicken. of course, we all left room for dessert πŸ™‚ can you guess who ordered what?

creme brulee
mamma’s ricotta cheese cake


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    about the pulpo carpaccio, i remember a friend who also spit out a squid that she order, while in a marketplace resto in greece, because she found it too chewy. she hated it too much she swapped what she ordered with my eggplant moussaka πŸ™‚


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