an evening of fondue

Remember this post from April 2010? You could say this is the post that started it all. Nope, it’s not our very first blog post, but it’s the first one about food. In the comments section, you had asked about photos. Unfortunately, that was that time when I didn’t bring a camera everywhere. Silly, right? Well, i returned to The Melting Pot last night (different location, though) with my cousin, Ateng E, who’d come out to Long Island to visit.

This time, I’ll be able to share the meal with you, all four courses of it — photographically speaking, of course.

For the cheese course, we shared what is called a “Wisconsin trio cheese fondue” made with fontina, butterkase (you speak German, do you know what it means?), buttermilk blue cheese, white wine, sherry and scallions. And we got to dip raw cauliflower, broccoli and baby carrots, chunks of assorted bread and green apples.

For the salads, Ateng E and I got to pick our own. She went with a spinach mushroom salad (spinach, portobello mushrooms, red onion, chopped bacon and roma tomatoes with a warm burgundy shallot vinaigrette). I went with my usual Caesar salad (I know, I know, a bit boring but the parmesan-encrusted pine nuts perked it up a bit).


The entree is a selection of meats — Angus and teriyaki-marinated sirloin, BBQ pork tenderloin and chicken breast — and white shrimp. The difference lies in the cooking styles. There was coq a vin with burgundy wine, herbs, spices and mushrooms; court bouillon with vegetable broth, herbs and spices; bourguignonne and a Caribbean-inspired bouillon with garlic and citrus flavors.


Of course, the pièce de résistance is the dessert course. It’s pretty much the same one I had more than two years ago, strawberries, bananas (the only way I’ll eat fresh bananas), a slice of cheesecake, rice krispies treats, jumbo marshmallows covered in cookie crumble, pound cake and brownies dipped in pure milk chocolate. Obviously, this kind of meal is not something you would do often.


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