shine, shine, shine: sparkly holiday lights

this way here: santa gets some directional assistance

i’ve got wreaths outside my two doors and a christmas tree inside the apartment. that’s pretty much the extent of holiday decorating. but some folks around here take their presentations a little bit more seriously — with lights aplenty and giant sculptures out on the yards.

the nativity is well-represented, but homeowners don’t seem to be too concerned about traditional depiction. and so kids who may have heard about the cast of characters present during the birth of christ may wonder what snowmen are doing socializing with the three wise kings.

how about you? what’s your holiday decorating like? i bet you have lovely giant parols (philippine lanterns) that light up in patterns. this is the only version of a parol i have and it’s one of numerous capiz (mother-of-pearl) ornament hanging on my fake tree 🙂


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