the christmas feast

seafood paella

the annual lunch with the family was a success. the picture-taking? not so much.

chicken pastel

we’d decided to go with the new tradition of ordering out for pretty much everything. all mom cooked was pastel (a big hit based on the numerous requests for take-home). but my fastidious parents, instead of just going to one restaurant, spread the orders among five different fil-am eateries! so i spent a good chunk of the 23rd and the 24th driving around and picking up trays of food.


the ham (really meaty with a small bone; dad was very pleased), the bistig (beef steak) and the turons came from little quiapo. the rellenong bangus (milkfish) and rellenong chicken came from chiboogan. the sisig came from rowena’s. the pancit and mixed vegetables came from casa manila. a seafood paella and seafood salad (both very, very good!) came from churrasqueira europa. the jamonado and caldereta came from fiesta grill. did i mention my parents went a bit insane?!?!

anyway, we were running a little late. and my cousins were running a little early. so the table wasn’t quite set when they arrived and i was still slaving away in the kitchen, heating the sisig and the bistig. so, i didn’t get the chance to actually do a lot of picture-taking.¬†
mixed veggies

but photos aren’t quite as important as the opportunity to be with family and enjoy each other. i stowed my phone away and sat with my cousins, chatting, laughing and generally just catching up.

rellenong bangus

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