An afternoon of tea and tiny sandwiches

Winter has arrived in all its frigid glory. We’ve been in below freezing temps since Monday night, when it snowed. Oh, I wish I could go back to this cozy tea room in Stony Brook where they served amazing scones and all kinds of teas, including one that was chocolate flavored.

I went there with one of my cousins just after Thanksgiving. I had gone there before with a couple of friends — and now I realize I never posted about that despite the fact I had pictures and all. Oops! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to a proper afternoon tea. In fact, one of my dreams is to go back to London and have afternoon tea at The Ritz. But for now, I’m glad Stony Brook is only 30 minutes away.

I’m not sure if you’ve been to a tea party — I very much doubt you played with dainty teapots and cups and saucers as a kid, LOL! — but you’re served all kinds of tea, finger sandwiches and pastries. And the tea is pretty much “all you can drink!” so Ateng E and I each picked different tea flavors and took a sip of each other’s selections.

Have I mentioned the scones yet? They are out of this world! And with the clotted cream and jam … ahhh, heaven! And the tiny sandwiches, such as the shrimp salad and cucumber … scrumptious! I don’t know if it’s because i was soooo full by the time I got to the shortbreads but those didn’t quite make me as rapturous as the previous tiers.


The tea room is called Robinson’s and it’s located in a shopping plaza that tries to resemble a village. Stony Brook itself is a hamlet here on Long Island. The shop is quite quaint, all lace curtains and doilies. There’s a display along one wall of cups and saucers apparently used by celebrities. I think i may have seen Yoko Ono’s name on one. It’s the perfect place for brunch or tea with friends.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    if i remember correctly a similar establishments opened recently in manila. i think it's also called the tea room. used to drink a lot of tea when i still in HR doing training and development since it's standard in hotels with those tiny sandiches (never had those fancy scones and clotted cream (?) and jams though). what you posted looks really good.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    we're not really a tea-drinking country, are we? i mean, i don't remember people drinking a lot of tea when i was kid. in fact, i only remember having tea (with lemon) when i had a cold. or tea from mango leaves when there was bibingka.


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