Sinigang na hipon sa kamias


Whether it be a hot, scorching day, or a gloomy, rainy day, this dish of sinigang na hipon sa kamias (shrimp stewed in bilimbi fruit) always turns out to be a winner. I like a side sauce of patis with lots of chilies (sometimes with kalamansi) with this. And this has to be eaten really piping hot, along with steaming rice. Sinigang with bread is plain miserable.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    Oh, I want this right now! It's so dark and gloomy here today. There's still a nip in the air, although it's technically spring. This would have been perfect for lunch (or dinner). I'm drooling just looking at the photos. And I can see the shrimps still have heads! I'm imagining sucking on them to get a bit of the fat, HA HA HA! Do you know, I still haven't learned to peel shrimp? I remember you taking pity on poor shrimp once. I think you said I was mutilating them 😛


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