gambas tapas

while we’re on the subject of tapas, i’ve been meaning to rave about this gambas tapas from cava (a wine bar in bonifacio global city that serves really good tapas too). this place is literally across my previous workplace so some of our meetings spilled over (get it?) their tables. you know how it’s easy to overcook/undercook shrimps they end up either mushy or rubbery? these are always perfectly cooked and perfectly spiced (a shrimp is by nature bland — so some spicing is needed, more than the usual). what’s funny about our tapas is we have them with rice. (at least i do) šŸ˜›


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    when i go back to the philippines, one of the things i'll have to check out is bonifacio global city. sounds like it's an amazing place, with everything you could possibly want in terms of food available. that dish looks good. how is the shrimp cooked? what's the sauce? salty? spicy?


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