of green walls and bawe-bawe (chinese honeysuckle)

here’s the photo you requested on chinese honeysuckle ::) the plants were given by an aunt to my mom, and we planted them near our fence. since we used bamboo fencing due to both budget and design purposes, it’s kinda serendipitous that the leaves grew on both sides of the fence, and the way it looks outside is kinda cool, actually.

even before i took up planning, i’ve always been fascinated by green walls. i really really like the san miguel corporation headquarters and while it was way ahead of its time, it’s proven to be timeless. another cool example of a green wall is the one used along EDSA, which is beautiful but helpful to the environment, too.
since we lost a lot of garden space when we made renovations recently, we tried to compensate by having vertical gardens instead. hope they thrive. 


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    waaaaah! you're making me miss the garden in kilo … although i guess that hasn't been there in a good long while. i love the idea for the vertical plants and i love, love the san miguel headquarters? was it already there when we were in college? the vertical greenery movement is also alive and well here in the u.s. though i can't think of an example in the area.


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