kulting mais

we are stranded at home, and compared to others who are far worse right now, as in wet and homeless, we are still thankful. we’re also a little bit wet since the ceiling has been dripping due to the incessant rains, but as long as we’ve got mind and body together, we’re okay.

the ambulant vendors are still working though. they need to work to eat for the day 😦 one of them just passed by, selling kulting mais. i know this is a corny blog right — apart from corn used as cooking ingredient, we’ve posted about cornick, sweet corn, and roasted corn. this kulting mais is one of my favorites and always brings back memories of childhood meriendas. (why is it always white? i guess it’s because it’s starchier and its flavor goes well with the grated coconut.) i guess it derived its name because the grains have already been shucked from the cob (“mekulti” in capampangan).

i never eat it with sugar. i like it with salt. (is that also how you like it?).


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    Yup, I definitely eat it with salt, not sugar. My apu used to make it and sell it, too. She made a cone out of banana leaves and scooped the corn kernels in there, added grated coconut and a pinch (or two) of salt. I remember the corn is dried first. Then there's a step that involves lye (it may be the reason why the kernels are whiter?). And the kernels are never sliced off as you would with “swam mais.” I remember my thumbs getting numbed from removing the kernels, with only the promise of payment from apu to sustain me, he he he.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    wow, that is so interesting. i thought they used the white kind of corn for this. turns out they just bleach yellow corn?


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