Rolling Spring Roll: Finally, a Vietnamese restaurant on Long Island

YAY! you’ll be very happy to hear that Long Island now has its very own Vietnamese restaurant. So I can now enjoy pho whenever I want. WOOHOO!



Rolling Spring Rolls started off as food truck. It is now a small restaurant tucked between a Thai place and a hispanic eatery (if i remember correctly) on Farmingdale’s main street. To call it a restaurant is actually being generous. It’s rather small and the menu is short. What it really is is a soup-and-sandwich shop — or more accurately a pho-and-banh mi shop.


My friend and co-worker J and I ordered two kinds of rolls for appetizers: summer (pork, shrimp, vermicelli noodles, cucumber wrapped in soft rice paper with a slightly tangy peanut sauce dip) and spring (think lumpiang shanghai). Then J went with the pho; I went with the banh mi. We were not disappointed. J, who seems to like the flavor in her soup just a bit sharper, squeezed some lime and hoisin sauce into the bowl.


I had to let the banh mi cool a bit before I could bite into it. It was very good. It’s amazing how a pork sandwich can come across as fresh and light. Must be the cucumbers, carrots and cilantro tossed in there. I only wish they had toasted the bread with a little bit of butter. I’ve had it like that in the past and the slight saltiness of the butter is a nice contrast to the sweetness of the pork. Other restaurants actually use a creamy pate as base. Since J and I were working that day, we ordered takeout. She got the banh mi and I got the pho.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    waaaah! the more decent “international” restos here (korean, japanese, vietnamese, mexican) are all in angeles 😦 such a shame they're at least 45 minutes away from guagua. i am so envious you can have your fix in 15 minutes or so. i love fresh vietnamese rolls, especially the sweet vinegar dip. and those french sandwiches!!!


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