Black rice bibingka


These caught my eye while I was at Asian One Best grocery store recently. I’d gone there for a quick lunch (sisig and Bicol express are my favorites from the restaurant). Are you familiar with black rice? I’ve never had it before so I was intrigued when I saw these bibingkas. In photos I’ve seen, the rice looks more purple than black, which is why these bibingkas look like they are ube-flavored. The store owner said they didn’t make the bibingkas themselves but that they were homemade. Stupid me, I didn’t get the details where; I will next time. Anyway, I really like the bibingkas. They’re moist and airy. I can’t really say that the black rice gave them a different flavor. But the use of banana leaves as lining definitely gave them a more authentic taste. Now, let me put on some Christmas carols as I eat the last piece.


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