Maneh Pakyaaaaaw!!!

i have always wondered how the people of general santos city watched their local hero manny pacquiao during his fights. since i was traveling in the area, i decided to go to the gym where the city broadcast the fight for free. the fight was being shown on cable TV and in the mall cinemas, but where’s the fun in that? i wanted to see the fight from the eyes of the people from where he came from.

the gym was hot, was loud, was smelly, but that spelled all the fun! it’s good of course that, from beginning till end, he beat rios to a pulp.

most of the time, instead of the screen, i saw the back of heads, or of heads bobbing up and down when they stood up to clap. needless to say, the gym was full and was “standing room only.” i was standing the whole time but i didn’t mind at all.

some funny moments:

  • when aling dionesia’s face was shown on screen, there was a loud cheer from the crowd, louder than when manny landed punches
  • when david beckham’s face was shown, a man nearby said, “si tom cruise!” 😛
    (of course i didn’t react by bursting out laughing. ayoko pang mamatay.)
you could see that the people could feel every punch manny received and rejoiced at every punch he released. here they are all wrapped in the moment.

true to all public celebrations, there were lots of vendors outside the gym. this photo was taken after the fight. it ended around noontime so i had to have some kwekwek, fishballs and a bottle of coke, all for P20.


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